Hiatus and a HUGE Announcement

Ms. Mossiano took the end of the year off to spend time with family and friends. Since the turn of 2013, she has been working hard to bring you her latest installment of the My New Series. It has finally been released for purchased, and we are excited to share it with you.

My New Daddy by Lilly Mossiano

My New Daddy has been completed and independently published by Ms. Mossiano’s own creation, the indie publishing company Spun Silver Productions, with the assistance of the indie e-book converter Smashwords.

My New Daddy is a short illustrated work of fiction following young Charles through the journey of his mother’s transition from female to male, and his transition from calling him “Mommy” to “Daddy”.

It explains, in easy to convey ideas, the hows and why of female to male gender reassignment surgery and the emotional and mental changes that occur during transition.

It is designed to instill a sense of understanding in young children to prevent confusion and mistrust of transgender individuals.

The first in the series, “My New Mommy”  is available in print form through major online retailers worldwide.


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