Message from Ms. Mossiano

As of March 1, 2013, Publish America has released me from the contract I had with them. I had been requesting this release due to their refusal to drop the price of my book. We have reached an agreement of release and have parted ways. Even though I harbor them no ill will, I would advise anyone who wishes to sign with them in the future to research them before signing a contract. My New Mommy will now be available through Spun Silver Productions just as my second book My New Daddy is. Through them, I am now in total control of my books and the price my books are to be sold at.


My New Mommy has officially been released in electronic format, and is set at the low price of $5.


There are talks about returning it to print format, at a much lower price than PublishAmerica’s $25. Stay tuned for more updates regarding my books.


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