Tis the Season For Changes!

For those who do not know, my partner and I have gown our separate ways. As such she requested I take her family name off of the books. It is a request that I gave a lot of thought to and found to be very reasonable. As such I will be switching the name of the books and dropping the pen name. I will be using my initials and family last name from now on.

I will be reissuing the books keeping her as the original illustrator, however future books will be going in a new artistic direction as such I am seeking a new illustrator to redesign the books. I will likely be reissuing the first two books with the new artist to keep congruent art styles.  If you are an illustrator and wish to collaborate with me on this or other future endeavors please contact me through my publishing company at Spun Silver Productions .

On a brighter note, I have some wonderful ideas for 2014 that I am excited about. So stay tuned for future updates as new developments start to happen.

Have a wonderful holiday season wherever you are.

H.C. Tolliver


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