My New Daddy

My New Daddy is a short illustrated work of fiction following young Charles through the journey of his mother’s transition from female to male, and his transition from calling him “Mommy” to “Daddy”.

My New Daddy by Lilly Mossiano

It explains, in easy to convey ideas, the hows and why of female to male gender reassignment surgery and the emotional and mental changes that occur during transition.

It is designed to instill a sense of understanding in young children to prevent confusion and mistrust of transgender individuals.

It is the second in a series. “My New Mommy” by Lilly Mossiano is available in print form through major online retailers worldwide.

Please Note: The picture is linked to the Kindle version only! For a more varied format selection, including PDF and Nook formats, please go to the following website: My New Daddy on Smashwords

Below is the cover art for the print version of New New Daddy! Click it to go to the purchase page and get this wonderful book in your home soon! The price is set as a reasonable $12.99!

My New Daddy by Lilly Mossiano


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